Yeo Valley Organic – don’t you want to drink milk?

Yeo Valley Rap debuted during X Factor

This is nothing new.  A creative agency, in this case BBH, does something clever and creative for a new ad campaign. And in today’s digitally connected world, a good video concept however it begins, moves into the social media sphere and gets passed on, commented on and mashed up into something new.  Facebook fan pages were started, millions of views recorded and now the song can be downloaded from iTunes. But I especially like this particular one because it runs deeper and brings a real place to life which we miss coming from a city world.

I support local farms and organic.  Yeo Valley is a family run business which produces great quality products.  Their mission statement is clear: Our mission is to make affordable, sustainably produced, organic dairy accessible to everyone. And this video shows that dedication in a really fun way.

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