Digital Transformation Reflections, Part II: Innovation and Disruption

building puddle
In Digital Transformation Reflections: Part I, we reflected on the major Game Changers of the digital age: Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. These companies, in turn, have ushered in the dawn of Big Data and Transparency. We’re delighted with the degree of connectivity and convenience that location-based services bring to our lives, but it’s a minefield for us to navigate the privacy issues that have accompanied the increased prevalence of these services.

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Digital Transformation Reflections, Part I: Tech Game Changers


While reviewing films for the Baftas last year, I had the pleasure of enjoying Michael Fassbender’s very powerful and utterly compelling performance as the namesake character in “Steve Jobs.” As I watched, I became acutely aware of Steve Jobs’ presence in our lives; particularly his influence through Apple’s now ubiquitous products.

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Baftas and Oscars: A Long Tradition of Trend Upsets

1232920_Bafta masks

There is no end to the speculation of who will win either a BAFTA or an Oscar. While Bafta winners are a strong indicator of Oscar winners, this hasn’t always been the case.

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Has The Digital Age Changed Our Relationship With Music?


Is our relationship with music changed because we no longer physically hold it? I look at how the lack of a physical product makes us value music differently, or worse, less. 

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Web Summit 2015: Music, Us, and the Future

Web Summit 2015 is the Tech Mecca for Innovation and Trends

Web Summit 2015 promises to have a lot of interesting discussion surrounding music and digital trends. Read on to find out where I’ll be and what I’m excited to hear about.
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Why Music Needs Another Revolution

His_Master_s_VoiceThere hasn’t been a game changing revolution for unsigned artists since the start of the recording industry. That has to change and here’s why. Continue reading

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Join in VentureFest Scotland 2015

venturefest-scotland-2015Unicorns – that rarest of creatures – have now made Scotland their home. With the recent birth of a second Scottish unicorn through FanDuel, the dream of a global tech hub in this beautiful land of the wee dram is now a reality.
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