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Music & Tech: Talk to Me with Ryan Leslie

Passionate and brilliant – Ryan Leslie is not like other artists.  Understatement.  I had an amazing chat with Ryan at last year’s Web Summit in Lisbon.

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Get Ready for Web Summit 2016

WebSummit 2016 is coming up next week, promising stimulating panels and networking opportunities for tech-minded attendees. Here’s where you can find me during the three-day event.

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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Musical Composition

When we think of artificial intelligence, robots exploring Mars or computers that can do instant language translations may come to mind. While advances in AI have come in leaps and bounds, what this technology is lacking is human sentience: the … Continue reading

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Has The Digital Age Changed Our Relationship With Music?

Is our relationship with music changed because we no longer physically hold it? I look at how the lack of a physical product makes us value music differently, or worse, less. 

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Web Summit 2015: Music, Us, and the Future

Web Summit 2015 promises to have a lot of interesting discussion surrounding music and digital trends. Read on to find out where I’ll be and what I’m excited to hear about.

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Why Music Needs Another Revolution

There hasn’t been a game changing revolution for unsigned artists since the start of the recording industry. That has to change and here’s why.

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I was at the Medialeaders event last night in London and met the Creative Director from Mavo Studio who is also a musician. Inevitably it comes up in the conversation – what does it take for a band to make … Continue reading

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