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The Groupon IPO – just too soon

I like the Groupon concept and have tremendous respect for Andrew Mason who reinvigorated retail with a new channel and caught the intersection of social media, ecommerce, local shopping and time sensitive value, all at the right time. It’s been … Continue reading

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Pandora: from the brink to an IPO

This is a great story. Music has a long history with technology and today’s digital age may have brought chaos to a business model created with the technology change for recorded music in the 20th century, but never changed the … Continue reading

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What digital brings to global events

In 2011 we’ve watched the exhilarating ‘Arab Spring’ made possible in many ways by people communicating digitally through social media. When Mubarak got a hint that his days might be numbered, he sent the national army to surround the TV … Continue reading

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Groupon – Google or IPO

I seem to be having a lot of conversations about Groupon lately.  Being the fastest growing company in history EVER according to Forbes does bring attention. The darling of social commerce, they are the natural convergence of  ecommerce and social … Continue reading

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