Join in VentureFest Scotland 2015

venturefest-scotland-2015Unicorns – that rarest of creatures – have now made Scotland their home. With the recent birth of a second Scottish unicorn through FanDuel, the dream of a global tech hub in this beautiful land of the wee dram is now a reality.
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6 Key Highlights from Mary Meeker’s Annual Internet Trends Report 2015

Mary Meeker’s annual 2015 Internet Trends report is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the impact of technology on the world.  The trends in business, education, government, healthcare, communication, consumer lifestyle and global impact are all mentioned as the online world continues to evolve.  The 2015 edition does not disappoint with its thought provoking insights and ‘wow’ factor.  This year marks 20 years that Mary has been doing this report, from the early days when she began as a Wall Street analyst to today as a Venture Capital guru with Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB).

6 Key Highlights:

1) Almost 40% of the Global Population is Online

% of Internet Population

The impact of this online revolution has been extraordinary, but is still overwhelmingly consumer driven.  Although business is the next biggest driver of online usage – education, healthcare and government have barely tapped into the potential.  As this evolves, it will be a game changer.

2) User Control of Content

Content Evolution

We choose what we want to consume in our own time.  We also collaborate, curate, create and share, often from our smartphones.

3) The Rise of Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps

We communicate individually, in groups and with several of these apps at the same time.

4) Continuing Evolution of Mobile

Mobile Evolution

  • Now a viable broadband option
  • Vertical viewing (videos are 29% of screen time in US)
  • Smartphones and Millennials are inseperable
  • Advertising is under served with bad ad formats (how many of us try to stab our screen to close an annoying pop up)

5) Entrepreneurs – Consumer v Enterprise

Consumer Enterprise Pain:Pleasure

This really resonated with me.  So many of our resources in the office around building software and creating processes is about trying to stop pain points.  If we changed our thinking to innovation and passion, it could transform the workplace.

6) Our work lives are changing

Online Platforms to Supplement Income

eBay and Amazon started the online product marketplace movement, but now people have easy access to freelancing work as well as using their cars or homes to supplement income.  It creates flexibility and opportunity.  However, this has also caused a variety of regulatory and tax issues as policy tries to catch up with technology.

The report also contains some standalone slides on the trends in China and India.  Here is the link for the full 2015 Internet Trends report.  No matter what sector you work in, this report is well worth a read.


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Join me at London Tech Week 15 – 21 June

Following the innovative game changers and global digital revolution of the last 20 years, tech companies around the world have unprecedented opportunities to reach new markets. London has become one of the hotbeds of global tech innovation and the United States remains one of the most attractive markets for any tech company that wants to fuel their global growth, have access to investment capital and increase profits.  Next week, we bring London and the US together for a couple of events. Continue reading

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Amazon, Google, Facebook and now the IRS

Big Data EyeBig data.  The digital age.  Our digital footprints.  This post is an update to what I wrote last September about the IRS using data mining to find non compliant taxpayers, particularly those offshore. Continue reading

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It’s Film time

I love this time of year.  I know it’s a time of austerity on food, drink and light given that it’s January, but it’s film time!  It’s the time of year where I watch 30 – 40 films and there is always magic.  Some image, some exceptional performance, some compelling story that makes time stand still.  Where being in the dark for that moment in time is like no other place in the world. Continue reading

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Game On

I’ve had a couple of weeks to try out the new Facebook features and it’s truly Game On for the evolution of social media platforms. They have made the types of changes that were needed to move the platform forward as it was becoming too big and unwieldy for easy communication, quick/fun moments and meaningful use.  Although the attrition of users was still small, the signs were there and I believe this will add a nice bump to engagement as well.  It’s still not as easy to use as Google+ which is an elegant interface, but this was a big step up.  Here is a nice recap of the changes from Chris Taylor of Mashable. Continue reading

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RIP Steve Jobs

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The Cult of Exceeding Expectations

Game Changers always exceed expectations, but Steve Jobs is the leader of this Cult.  It’s been a brilliant week of commentary and articles about this iconic life which has consistently given consumers the intangible dream made real.  Then so real it’s completely integrated into day to day life.  How did we live without it?  Emotional too – will we still have someone to delight us with the unexpected? Continue reading

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Evolution of Social Networks

With the launch of Google +, it’s made us all think about what we post where, to whom and what do each of the communities mean to us.  Did we need another social network?  Has the maturity of the various networks meant we’ve evolved to something else? Continue reading

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I was at the Medialeaders event last night in London and met the Creative Director from Mavo Studio who is also a musician. Inevitably it comes up in the conversation – what does it take for a band to make it in today’s world? Digital has forever changed the landscape, music is free or shared in a way never before possible. What happens now? Continue reading

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