Out of Love with Facebook?

Out of Love with Facebook?

Everyone seems to have picked up on the story last week that the number of Facebook users has declined in the USA, Canada and the UK during the last couple of months. Almost every commentator suggested it was Facebook fatigue, fears from privacy issues, boredom and random bad experience. With an IPO looming early next year, after a certain period of time – do people just fall out of love with Facebook? Continue reading

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The Groupon IPO – just too soon

Andrew Mason Groupon CEO - Fast Company profile

I like the Groupon concept and have tremendous respect for Andrew Mason who reinvigorated retail with a new channel and caught the intersection of social media, ecommerce, local shopping and time sensitive value, all at the right time. It’s been the perfect blend of social commerce online with real world experience, issuing in a new era for digital. Continue reading

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Driving in-store customers to write online reviews

Sainburys ties in-store purchase to online reviews

Further to my post about the Cadbury study of digital advertising proving offline sales, here is another good attempt at encouraging customers into multi-channel behaviour and measuring the influence online has on offline sales. Continue reading

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Pandora: from the brink to an IPO

Pandora Founder Tim Westergren

This is a great story. Music has a long history with technology and today’s digital age may have brought chaos to a business model created with the technology change for recorded music in the 20th century, but never changed the universal passion we have for it. Enter a new way to experience music, a new business model and a man with a dream in 1999: The Music Genome Project. Continue reading

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What digital brings to global events

Google Doodle for the Royal Wedding

In 2011 we’ve watched the exhilarating ‘Arab Spring’ made possible in many ways by people communicating digitally through social media. When Mubarak got a hint that his days might be numbered, he sent the national army to surround the TV stations so he could control the people via media. But of course today, the people driving the revolution were using their phones with social networks to communicate. Which can’t be controlled by an army. And confirming in yet another way that he wasn’t a leader for this time or this country. Continue reading

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The Business of Facebook

Infographic: Facebook business

Facebook going public, that should be interesting given their ever changing moods on privacy.  The new transparency? Fastcompany has done a nice recap on some of their staggering stats: Continue reading

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Finding Mr. Bright – Benefit goes digital

Benefit Cometics: An interactive film

Benefit Cosmetics is a cult brand, founded by the whacky twins Jean and Jane Ford in San Francisco which has now become a global success story. And it’s great to see that innovation is still at the heart of what they do.  Quirky names and clever ‘quick fix’ products that are easy to use with fun and distinctive packaging, they continue to break the rules of traditional cosmetics companies and inspire with something different. Continue reading

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Digital Advertising proves offline sales

Cadbury makes £3 for every £1 spent on digital ads

Back in January, I was really taken with this study: Cadbury makes £3 for every £1 spent on digital ads. We know that purchases are extensively influenced by digital channels – whether it’s from advertising, specific research, recommendations, location based messaging or chance word of mouth.  Sometimes the influence is direct to an online sale, completely tracked in an elegant closed loop, but as most spend is still out in the non digital universe, this is where tracking has been complicated. Continue reading

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Yeo Valley Organic – don’t you want to drink milk?

Yeo Valley Rap debuted during X Factor

This is nothing new.  A creative agency, in this case BBH, does something clever and creative for a new ad campaign. And in today’s digitally connected world, a good video concept however it begins, moves into the social media sphere and gets passed on, commented on and mashed up into something new.  Facebook fan pages were started, millions of views recorded and now the song can be downloaded from iTunes. But I especially like this particular one because it runs deeper and brings a real place to life which we miss coming from a city world. Continue reading

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Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: ‘It’s not like we’re the best thing ever…’

Charlie Rose interview of Andrew Mason, CEO Groupon

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason was on Charlie Rose last week and although he wouldn’t talk about the Google bid, did give his thoughts on their meteoric success to date and why the focus remains on small and local business. Continue reading

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