Finding Mr. Bright – Benefit goes digital

Benefit Cometics: An interactive film

Benefit Cosmetics is a cult brand, founded by the whacky twins Jean and Jane Ford in San Francisco which has now become a global success story. And it’s great to see that innovation is still at the heart of what they do.  Quirky names and clever ‘quick fix’ products that are easy to use with fun and distinctive packaging, they continue to break the rules of traditional cosmetics companies and inspire with something different.

Last week they launched a new product in their boutiques and online, Finding Mr. Bright, with a fun first for the company by way of an interactive video using their own office staff.  In this age of transparency and open conversation, it’s always refreshing for a company to open up and give us this inside look into a traditionally controlled sector by having a little fun.  I chatted with European Managing Directors Ian Marshall and Gail Bojarski about their phenomenal success in the UK and plans for the future.  They want to continue to focus on being a leader in bringing new products to their customers without following what everyone else is doing, make their ecommerce presence as friendly as their boutiques and now with social media, engage directly by giving customers a place to exchange tips, ask questions, see ‘how to’ videos and get the most out of the products.  Last year, they hired for the first time a dedicated Digital and ROI Manager in bright and energetic Jasmine Zhang who has launched a dedicated blog, YouTube video channel and popular Facebook page.  With the support of long time marketing manager Amanda Pilkington, I look forward to following the next phase.

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